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About Us

Vera & Co., Inc., a Sterling Silver Jewelry importer and wholesaler, began over 20 years ago with Marcasite Sterling Silver Jewelry. As trends evolved, we broadened our range to include Jewelry with Cubic Zirconia and Opaque stones, eventually embracing plain silver. Our commitment lies in crafting collections that span from Classic to Contemporary designs, focusing on quality and establishing a distinctive image through our strengths.

We prioritize jewelry quality in various aspects. We were pioneers in introducing nickel-free jewelry to accommodate our customers with sensitive skin. Quality encompasses not just design but also the purity of materials and meticulous production processes. Adapting to trends and consumer demands, we introduced Brass Jewelry, catering to cost-conscious customers without sacrificing style. Thanks to the support and encouragement from our clientele, we persist in enhancing our primary line—sterling silver jewelry—with the desirable aesthetics and pricing that our customers seek and our factories support.

Vera & Co., Inc. cherishes the extensive experience gained from collaborating with diverse customers, ranging from wholesalers to chain stores. This collaboration has been a pillar of support and a key to our sustainability, bolstering our design innovation and adaptability.

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